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Protecting Your Energy Is So Important…Learn How I Protect My Energy.

Have you ever been around an ”Energy Vampire”, someone who literally sucked the life force out of you? An energy vampire is said to feed off the "life force" of other living creatures. The term can also be used to describe a person who gets increased energy around other people, but leaves those other people exhausted or "drained" of energy. Let’s just say, I’ve been around my fair share of these unfortunate beings and it is not a fun time. If you ever find yourself around one you might feel: Overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, physically ill (headache, body ache, etc.), mentally or physically exhausted, or irritable.

So here are some things I have learned to look for when it comes to pinpointing one of the little pesky energy vampires this person will usually have: a BIG ego (loves to debate, argue and pick fights), aggressive or passive aggressive tendencies, Paranoia, resentment and anger issues, narcissism, melodramatic behavior, whining and complaining, bitching and gossiping, insecurity (constant need for reassurance and acceptance), manipulative behaviors (guilt tripping, emotional blackmail, etc.), or jealousy. These people go out of their way to make you feel bad or doubt yourself, all to stroke their ego and build their agenda. AND in my experience they typically have “lil man syndrome” and drive expensive jacked up trucks 😂 those are the worst kind ughhhh 🙄 You have to laugh at them like the joke they are and remember hurt people….hurt people. Nonetheless, these people will try to make you feel some type of way. I was tired of allowing others to affect my energy, so I decided to do something about it and protect myself.

I learned it was imperative that I cleanse myself and my space. I remember one time this person came to my house, they had their energy vampire vibes going out and I literally hated every second they were there and around me. As soon as they left I saged my whole house and myself, and immediately I was feeling sooooo much better. Let’s just say, this person has never come back and will never be allowed in my home again. AND that is exactly what you have to do. Cut ties with people that no longer serve your highest good. Let go of people who are not for you anymore. If they are thinking bad thoughts or speak dark intentions on you, it is your responsibility to yourself to banish those fragments of negativity that others cast onto you and your aura. I find a smoke cleanse works best, followed by a Crystal cleanse. Some of the things I like to use for a smoke cleanse are Sage, dragon’s blood, Palo santo, incense, rosemary and sweet grass. Some of the crystals I like to use are selenite, clear quartz, citrine, Celestine, and black obsidian.

Remember who you truly are, at the root of yourself. Embrace your power within and most importantly protect your energy at all cost. There are some toxic humans out there, blind them by your light. Sending Spanish Moon love and light to all!

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