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What is Shadow Work?....Exactly

What is Shadow Work? The shadow is the "dark side" of our personality. It is a direct reflection of our most hurtful wounds that make us believe we aren't good enough, we are crazy or insane, we aren't validated, we aren't capable of being loved and we are undeserving. It is allllllllll the stuck emotions that you experience on a daily basis but might not even fully understand why or you might not even be fully aware of. The purpose of shadow work is bringing light to allll the shadows you have on a subconscious level. Our shadow self consists mainly of primitive, negative emotions and impulses. We hide our shadow from ourselves and others by pushing them down into our unconsciousness during childhood and throughout our lives. Many negative issues that affect your life can result by keeping your shadow hidden. Shadow work is the process of exploring these hidden aspects. Also, side note - a lot of people reach out to me more around a Mercury Retrograde, I find that so interesting. During that time we are more apt to be in tune with ourselves and what may be lacking. Mercury Retrograde typically can stir up a lot of lost emotions. So I can understand why more people contact me during this time. Shadow work is about knowing there is something that needs to be purged and the tricky part, the kicker though is.... you have to be open and ready for that release.

Why should I? Shadow work allows you to heal past traumas and create a balanced life. It will help you feel whole, rather than fractured. Through shadow work, you can learn self acceptance and self love. You can learn to express those shadow characteristics in healthy ways, instead of suppressing them until they manifest in unhealthy, uncontrollable ways. Shadow work allows you to feel a greater sense of power and personal awareness. Although you can never get rid of your shadow self, you can heal it and integrate it into the light. And like I've said before its about releasing what no longer serves you. By doing shadow work you get to tap into who you really are at the core. That can be very scary because you can no longer hide from things, wounds, or yourself. You are driven to embrace it, consume it and just BE with IT. Whatever it is. Your shadow will let you know what things are lurking behind the veil, waiting to be brought to the surface. It's always smart to get someone like myself, any lightwork/healer or therapist to guide you along this journey. It can be painful, it will be triggering but working with the shadow within you allows you to bring up past emotions, traumas, situations, It allows you to feel and look at each one by one and process and heal them for good. It pushes you to honor yourself, to love yourself, to tell yourself you are ok, you are safe, you are loved, you are POWERFUL!!! Sounds like a great time, right? haha I'm not gonna lie to you, it's hard work but you will thank me for it. That I know. Keep reading for some methods I like to use.