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Azurite In Quartz

Azurite In Quartz

When it comes to metaphysical healing moods this is where Azurite truly seems to shine. It’s a stone connected to inner vision. Throughout the whole of history, mystics and healers have turned to Azurite to help connect them with spirit guides. An aura cleanser and a chakra healer – Azurite works to remove blockages from endless energy points, keeping those sweet vibrations flowing. Azurite is connected to the third eye chakra – the place of our deep intuition and inner guidance. It also connects with the heart chakra – where we learn to send love out into the world and how we choose to take love in. The blue color of Azurite radiates health and wealth to your throat chakra too, enticing you to own your own power and to have the courage to speak your truth. Finally, it also connects to the crown chakra – the place where we connect to higher messages from the universe.

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